Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make–and things they just might

Things we want Apple to make and things they just might

Some of our favorite tech gadgets come from Apple, but there are always things we wish they’d make. Today we’re exploring some of our favorite ideas and concepts we want to see Apple take on, including those rumored to be in the works. Read on to find out what kind of gadgets are on our Apple wish list.

Apple is well known for making innovative, premium-grade products. While computers, tablets, and smartphones are their top-selling devices, it’s been clear over the past several years that Apple is looking for new ways to not only step up its game but even step outside its comfort zone too. For Apple brand fans, this is a plus because even if they unveil a product you don’t care for, there’s a good chance something else you’ll like is around the corner. But despite how many great products Apple currently offers, there are plenty we wish to see them consider if not actually make. Here’s our wish list of things we’d love Apple to produce, along with some they’re rumored to have in the works.

Apple CEO Tim Cook during a product announcement

Apple Barista: a coffee maker with app support, Siri voice control, and a music speaker.

Does an Apple-crafted coffee maker really sound that far-fetched? Apple gadgets like iPhones and MacBooks are frequently being photographed alongside coffees, inside of cafes, and at times seem almost synonymous with brands like Starbucks. What better way to embrace this common association than with an Apple-made coffee maker?

Imagine being able to activate it and schedule wake-up times right from your iPhone. How about brewing a cup with a simple Siri-powered voice command? Heck, maybe built-in speakers will even play the latest cafe playlist while it prepares a delicious cappuccino. Add the option of an Ember-like smart mug and you’ve got exactly what coffee-loving Apple fanatics have been waiting for. Oh and if you’re reading this, Tim Cook, we’ll be severely disappointed if you don’t call it the Apple Barista!

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A coffee maker on a home countertop

Apple TV: an official display with well-rounded specs, premium hardware, and smart functions.

Apple already has its Apple TV device that plugs into just about any TV with an HDMI port, but what about an actual Apple television? While Apple isn’t a stranger to display technology, it has yet to make a TV. However, after seeing its recent Studio Display (made to partner with the new Mac Studio), it’s even more exciting to consider what a straightforward Apple display for our living rooms might look like.

What we hope to see in an Apple TV is the latest cutting-edge display specs along with Apple’s signature hardware styles. Siri voice control and other smart TV functions will be a must. And, of course, we’ll assume Apple might even throw in a few extra months of free Apple TV subscription streaming with purchases. Honestly, though, we know we’re preaching to the choir on this one since most Apple fans have this on their wish lists.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A smart TV in a living space

Apple Soundbar: a soundbar with spatial audio and Dolby Atmos, plus HomePod-like voice control.

Apple’s certainly no stranger to audio technology, given its products ranging from iPods to AirPods and more. An Apple soundbar to rival brands like Bose and Sonos is a perfect pairing with its existing Apple TV and music services.

Features it should offer include spatial audio and Dolby Atmos support, along with HomePod-like voice control. Connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also a must. Of course, if Apple isn’t ready for a full-blown soundbar, they can always opt for a smaller, simpler Bluetooth speaker. Our same list of expectations still applies, though.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A soundbar in front of a TV

Apple Professional Camera: a standalone camera for photography professionals and enthusiasts.

Apple is continuously investing in evolving the camera technologies inside its products, especially the iPhone. While many of us are perfectly satisfied with the existing cameras in our smartphones, there are plenty of others who will love seeing Apple throw down on a standalone photography camera.

We don’t think it needs to be the greatest camera ever made since there are already some serious competitors out there with more time in the game. That said, if Apple can bring the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to a camera with far greater zoom and stabilization capabilities, it would be a great way to dip their toe in the camera market–especially if they find creative ways to tie in their other gadgets.

Cinematic shooting capabilities in the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple Robot Vacuum: a premium vacuum-bot competitor offering app and voice control.

Vacuum-bots are here to stay. What was once a frivolity is, well, still technically a frivolity. But they’re far less expensive and more accessible than ever. They’re also more accepted. It’s not a bad time for Apple to capitalize on the opportunity with their own take on robotic vacuum cleaners and blow our minds (and clean up the mess) with something unexpected.

So what might an Apple-designed vacuum-bot look like? Premium quality components, the latest LiDAR technology, Siri voice control, and app support for monitoring status or creating cleaning schedules. Perhaps the ability to detect and evade loose AirPods on the floor would be handy as well.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A robotic vacuum cleaner cleaning a floor

Apple Book: an e-ink reading device for voracious Apple Books readers who want a natural experience.

We get it–the average person looks at an eReader with anything from confusion to disdain. However, some of us book-loving tech enthusiasts love having a gadget that lets us read text similarly to traditional print while providing the advantages that come with technology. Unfortunately, while Apple does offer the smaller iPad mini, it simply isn’t the same reading experience. Not only that, but Apple Books isn’t usable on existing eReaders like the Amazon Kindle.

An Apple-branded eReader doesn’t need to be incredible. A lightweight, water and dust-resistant device that uses an e-ink display and supports Apple Books is literally all it needs to be. Add Apple’s stylistic aesthetic along, a user-friendly browsing and shopping interface, and the standard long battery life these devices get, and you’ve got a winner for the power-readers.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A person reading on an e-ink device

Apple Home Security Camera: a smart security cam that works and integrates with Apple’s iHome platform.

It’s no secret that Apple is capable of making some of the best processing chips around. Not only that but chips that work in very small devices. Add to it the ever-growing camera tech we talk about above and you have the potential for yet another great Apple gadget: Home security cameras.

In our opinion, an Apple home security camera will feature clear video with effective zoom capabilities. It will have faster processing and multiple connectivity methods. The camera will even integrate with Apple’s own iHome platform and bring new ways to customize the experience. Maybe Siri will even announce when someone is lingering for too long in front of it? There’s a lot Apple can do here.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A home security camera mounted on a wall

Apple Workspace: a bespoke workstation for professional Apple users and creatives.

Apple is always advertising new products for creatives and professionals like its latest Mac Studio. What better way to complete the experience than to offer bespoke desks that are chock-full of features and support all of Apple’s product lines?

Things we believe would make for a great Apple-themed workstation include plenty of charging ports and connectivity options, premium materials, and built-in stands for its products. One thing is almost certain: it will have a stunning and modern, yet classy aesthetic.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A standing desk and workspace with a Mac

Apple Rover: a helpful and autonomous Siri-powered robot that can rival Amazon’s Astro.

Last year Amazon announced its Alexa-powered Astro robot. It’s a bot capable of freely roaming your home on its own, reporting on suspicious activities, and making itself available for various tasks. While we may not expect Apple to dabble much in robotics, it’s still fun to imagine what this might look like.

An Apple house droid can be a cool thing to behold if done right. Not unlike Astro, it can self-charge, navigate to and from rooms, play music, make calls, inspect peculiar sounds or activities, answer questions, and so forth. There is a big catch though: Apple needs to improve Siri first (upside-down smiley emoji).

Amazon’s Alexa-powered Astro robot

Garage Band Studio: a modular music hardware kit compatible with Garage Band and other programs.

Apple puts Garage Band on many if not all of its tablets and computers. In fact, Macs are highly regarded for their performance capabilities when it comes to audio and video production. Why not create hardware that grants Apple users more control over its Garage Band software?

Things that might work here will include a modular setup. This will allow musicians to choose between separate pieces, such as a keyboard and mixer or drum pads, and order their own custom kits. Make it all compatible with other popular programs and you’ve got a nifty new Apple music studio.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
Modular music hardware

Apple Signal Station: a high-speed network router that supports many devices and larger data transfers.

Apple already has a myriad of products that connect to Wi-Fi and cellular. It only makes sense that Apple supports its devices with a gadget that can keep them all connected efficiently and effectively, right? That’s why we think a router is a perfect addition to Apple’s many offerings.

There’s only so much to say about what an Apple router might look like. High-speed and large-capacity data transferring is a must. Support for large quantities of devices across multiple network types is also necessary. Maybe even include built-in signal boosting and cellular capabilities too.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A white modem and router

Apple Smart Home Collection: literally a collection of smart home gadgets made by Apple.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that some of us want to see Apple take a bigger step into the smart home market. In fact, between iHome, the HomePod, and upcoming Matter protocols, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.

There are a plethora of ways Apple can throw its hat in on smart home devices. From video doorbells and smart locks to thermostats and lighting, there are plenty of entry points. There’s honestly never been a better time for Apple to visit the idea. Easily one of the most important categories for our Apple wish list.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A smart thermostat

Things we might see from Apple sooner than later

In addition to our Apple wish list, it’s worth pointing out that there are quite a few interesting rumors right now surrounding future Apple products. For this reason, we’ll discuss them here instead of listing them above.

Apple is said to be working on a VR/AR headset dubbed Apple Glass. They already have one or more teams dedicated to related technologies and it’s possible we may see this unveiled as early as 2022. Otherwise, 2023 is the next best possibility.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A concept image suggesting an Apple VR headset design

Supposedly, Apple is also working on a foldable iPhone. It’s thought to be around 7 to 8-inches in size and may come in 2023. Foldable displays seem to be sticking around at this point, so it will be interesting to see what Apple does with this concept.

One of the biggest and longest-running rumors is about the Apple Car. In fact, Apple has shown interest in this idea going as far back as 2014. Between interactions with Tesla, and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s doubling down on the idea, it does seem like it’s likely in the works. It’s thought that this will be a fully electric and autonomous vehicle with a launch ranging between 2023 and 2025. Of course, with any of these rumors, time will tell.

Apple wish list: Things we want Apple to make--and things they just might
A concept image suggesting an Apple Car design

An entire orchard’s worth of Apple product ideas

At the end of the day, there’s no denying the potential for interesting new Apple gadgets. An entire orchard’s worth of Apple product ideas are ripe for picking (yes, puns intended) and we’re all just waiting on Apple to take notice. Whether it’s a useful, innovative new gadget or fun merch, fans always enjoy having new things to browse and choose from.

Apple is a company that’s known for doing its own thing and that’s perfectly fine. There’s no telling whether or not any of the ideas and concepts on our Apple wish list will ever come to fruition, but we certainly hope to see a few of them in the coming years. After all, who can’t get down with Siri brewing up a cup of coffee while you wrap up work for the day?

What do you think would make a great Apple product for our wish list? Let us know in the comments below!


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