How to promote your business?

Publicizing your business is essential to attract customers and increase your turnover. But this is not always easy when launching your business, especially when you have a limited marketing budget. Luckily, there are various innovative ways these days to stand out. Social networks, web writing, press releases… Discover the means of communicating effectively around your professional activity.

Create a social media profile for your business

Online advertising continues to gain momentum compared to traditional media. The radio, for example, is listened to less and less and the sales of the written press continue to fall. At the same time, the number of subscribers on the various social networks continues to climb. It is therefore important that you are present on these platforms.

The choice of social network

Choose the social networks that your target customers mainly use. You will have the choice between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. If Facebook is for example “general public”, Instagram and Snapchat are more aimed at young people. As for LinkedIn, it targets professionals. The tone used in your publications and in your communications must also be adapted.

The benefits of a social media presence

Social networks allow you to communicate about your activity in an effective way, and this, without spending a penny. On the contrary, when you turn to traditional media, the prices are often exorbitant. Not to mention that it will be necessary to cross your fingers so that your advertisement on TV or in the press is seen by your target audience the day it is broadcast. This also applies to radio.

Buying followers for better visibility

To benefit from optimal visibility, you can turn to buying followers. Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to want to buy youtube subscribers, as it helps to get more views and establishes its reputation as a major player in a field. The strategy of waiting for your follower count to grow naturally can take months or even years. Buying followers will provide a very useful boost to your credibility.

Many likes and many views are signs of a good quality YouTube channel. And this also applies to other social networks. It is then a virtuous circle : the higher your number of subscribers, the more likely Internet users are to subscribe to your company's page and then discover your products and services.

Enterprise social network

Make your pages live on social networks

To further increase your number of subscribers, it is important that you animate your page on social networks. For example, you can organize contests where participants will have to tag you. You will see your number of subscribers skyrocket. You can also share your news or that of your sector, the daily life of your teams, etc. Also, feel free to engage with your followers in the comments or posts.

For this, calling on a community manager is ideal. The latter will be able to set up a publication plan in order to maintain regular contact with your audience. It can also measure the effectiveness of your communication actions. Finally, he can provide professional answers and relevant to the questions asked by your subscribers.

Create a blog and write about topics that interest your target audience

A blog has several interests for your business. Indeed, it allows you to share your expertise on topics that interest your target audience. You therefore appear as the expert who can help him solve his problems.

But a blog also allowsattract new prospects who will be interested in your products after reading your advice. It brings a real human dimension to your communication, as well as real added value to your readers, allowing you to stand out from the competition. It is therefore in your interest to take advantage of it.

It is also a powerful tool for your SEO on search engines. The more you post quality content, the more your site will be highlighted by Google, which will increase traffic on a daily basis.

Create a professional website for your business

In an increasingly digitized world, being present on the internet has become essential for any company wishing to make itself known. This is as valid for small as for large structures, and this, whatever the sector of activity. In France alone, some 45,2 million people connect to the Internet every day, where they spend an average of 2 hours 17 minutes of their time.

In addition to connecting on social networks, they also consult information about companies before placing an order.

The interest of the quality website

A website is not only a additional sales channel, but it also allows potential customers to find all the information about your offers, as well as your contact details. It is therefore important to provide clear information on your site about what you offer. This site must be of high quality in order to reflect a professional and serious image of your company.

How to boost your website?

Your website must adapt to all digital media (PC, tablets, smartphones). You must also regularly post content incorporating keywords related to your business. You can outsource content writing to professional writers to free up your time. By respecting the different rules of referencing, it may appear at the top of the results during queries on the search engine.

SEO is essential for the search engine to find you in the multitude of websites offered online. It will allow you to stand out. Do not hesitate to call on a professional to help you. The latter can also bring you his know-how in your paid referencing campaigns. It is indeed a technical subject and yet essential for your website.

Company website

Send press releases to local newspapers and online publications

The press release is a short document sent to newspapers to inform them of an event. It can be the launch of your company, or a new product. It can be a powerful communication tool, provided it is written in the rules of the art.

Tips for writing a good press release

In particular, it must not exceed two Word pages so as not to drown the reader with information. It must also answer certain essential questions. Who ? What ? Where ? How ? Why ? At what price ? Who to contact for more information?

It is also important to choose the title carefully, which must be punchy, short and simple, while containing the necessary keywords. Do not forget the chapô or the bottom of the press release, where you will put your contact information, as well as a link to the corresponding website.

As for the content of the press release, it must be oriented towards the advantages of the product or offer, or even towards the problem it will solve. It is also important to avoid having an overly commercial speech, but to opt for a language accessible to all.

You can have a press release published once a month by local newspapers, while continuing to publish online.

Make presentations to local businesses and community groups

Another way to promote yourself is to pitch your business to local businesses and community groups. Indeed, if the internet is an excellent way to make yourself known, you can optimize the results of your efforts by making yourself known locally.

There are also ways to present your business well. In particular, you must briefly tell its history: its beginnings, the problem it addresses, its services and its growth statistics. Your customers need to know where your business comes from and what it brings to the market.

You can then present your products and their advantages to your target audience. This is a part to take care of, because it is where the people present will seek the most to know more.

The next step is to introduce the team that makes up your business. Thus, you give a human dimension to your brand, but you also show potential customers that you have an efficient team ready to meet their needs.

The final step in your business presentation is to provide people in attendance with ways to reach you. You can leave your e-mail address, telephone number, website and any other means of contact with your company.

Business presentation

Attend trade shows and networking events in your area

Participate in trade shows and other networking events will allow you to forge links with other professionals in your sector of activity. Occasionally, you may forge beneficial partnerships for your business. This is particularly interesting if your activity is B-to-B oriented.

It will only cost you a little time, but will allow you to collect many contacts. You can also organize this type of event yourself to present your activity. A little daring will allow you to attract your target in a friendly and pleasant way. For example, you can offer them a contest, a free service or the sharing of beneficial information to attract potential customers who may be interested in your offer.

The professionals you invite can then share your information with their own network. You can thus benefit from strong traffic on another website or another page, make product placements or even intervene as a guest in various videos or be quoted in blog articles.

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