Damon HyperSport is an all-electric sportbike with a 200-mile range and 360-degree warnings

Damon HyperSport all-electric sport bike with 200-mile range, plus

Are you looking for a new electric bike? How about one that's fast, has a long range, but more importantly, is safe? That's all you'll find in Damon's latest offering. Read on to learn about its advanced security features and more.

Those interested in the latest electric vehicles will be delighted to hear about the new Damon HyperSport. It is a fully electric sport bike with high-tech features and safety improvements. Are you ready for a safe, smooth and energy efficient ride? Well, look no further than this stylish e-bike. Let's dive in and see what makes it great.

Damon HyperSport side view

Offers fast speeds and long-range capabilities

Two things come to mind first with any electric vehicle. One of those things is range. The Damon HyperSport electric bike can travel up to 200 miles of range per full charge. This is effective for local trips and longer trips between cities.

The second thing that comes to mind is speed. Yes, it can drive far enough to be useful, but is that at the expense of speed? Absolutely not. The HyperSport, with its 200 horsepower, can go from 0 to 60 in just 3 seconds. So if acceleration is an issue, don't worry. You will literally go from point A to point B in no time.

Official promo for the Damon HyperSport

Provides 360 advanced warning system

One of the main features of Damon's HyperSport electric motorcycle is its advanced 360° warning system. What is it exactly ? According to Damon, this makes the HyperSport “the safest bike ever made”. It's a big claim, so let's see what it packs.

HyperSport uses predictive AI and 360-degree awareness to help predict hazards as you ride. Cameras, windshield LEDs, and haptic feedback all work together to protect you from harm. It can even track up to 64 objects at once. Not bad, Damon, not bad at all.

Offers shift assist technology and fast charging

Other advantages offered by Damon HyperSport include its convenient shifting technology and quick charging capabilities. The bike automatically adapts to cyclists and switches from the sports position to the transport position, effectively reducing fatigue during riding. There's also a 45-minute quick charge, which is ideal for those who want to regain some battery life while having a cup of coffee.

Damon HyperSport is an all-electric sport bike with a 200-mile range and 360-degree warnings
The all-electric motorcycle features a sporty aesthetic

A safe and energy-efficient e-bike for commuting

Anyone looking for a safe electric motorcycle should keep an eye out for the Damon HyperSport. Its advanced 360-degree warning system is a game-changer when it comes to bike safety. If you know a few motorcyclists, you've probably heard of the many dangers they face on the roads. Anything that helps reduce these dangers is extremely important.

The range, power, and quick-charging capabilities also help balance the bike's overall efficiency for riders. If you are looking for or will soon be in the market for an all-electric motorcycle, head over to the official webpage for more information.

You can pre-order the Damon HyperSport e-bike here starting at $19.